Courses on products descriptions, principles of configuration and general recommendations for PA-VA systems.

Training about technical features, connectivity and basic configuration of ONE-500 units into PA-VA systems of small and medium sized buildings and areas.

The course is certified by Certified Badges once completed, graded and passed all the modules and assessments.


The TFL-2 is a device the works as an End-of-line to the line of speakers and helps to carry out a better monitoring and supervision over the line.

The TFL-2 manufactured by LDA Audio Tech provides an accurate measurement of the impedance of the speaker line and allows you to monitor it all the way to the last speaker without a return cable, even on lightly loaded lines. In addition, the TFL-2 also improves the amplifier supervision, not just the line.

Not all end-of-line devices are equally reliable and do not offer the same performance to ensure the integrity of the installation.

On-line self-paced course on NEO Configurator the software for PA-VA systems based on NEO and NEO+ series EN 54 certified.

NEO Configurator, a self-developed software by LDA Audio Tech is available at LDA Audio Tech´s Website.